Our Roofing Services On The Sunshine Coast

Roof Restoration

Does your roof look dirty and unattractive? Is it ruining the appearance of the rest of your house? Are you missing tiles or can see that you have tiles that are cracked or broken? Is your roof fine when it’s sunny, but hazardous when it rains with leaks that come into the house? A roof can improve the appearance and value of your property as well as keeping it safe and protected from drips and leaks that can cause water and electrical damage.

Roof Painting

Is your roof in good sturdy condition, but the tiles on the roof look faded and old? If so, they could be refreshed and rejuvenated by having them painted. Depending on the type of paint used, this can also add a protective element to your roof too. We can paint your roof, which may prevent the growth of algae and moisture-retaining lichen and ensure the health of your roof, so it lasts a long time and is more resilient to the elements.

Roof Replacement

Do you need to ensure a roof is water-tight and weather-proof? Is your current roof substandard with broken or missing tiles? If just a small part of your roof has an issue it could be possible to replace part of your roof, rather than the entire thing. It is necessary however, to get an expert to do this for you, for a seamless, safe and reliable finish. Sometimes it will be necessary to replace your entire roof with a new one if your existing roof is old, buckled, shows daylight or has large areas of tiles missing, or is in a bad state of repair.

Gutter Replacement

Do you have broken gutters that aren’t doing their job correctly? Is water from your roof hitting your property instead of being directed away from it? This can cause long-term damage to your property. It can make any wood rot away, and damage brickwork and concrete and create damp in your property which can then be hard to tackle. Once gutters have been replaced, they should last over 20 years dependent upon material used. Gutters need installing by an expert who can direct the water flow correctly the first-time round.