Roof Restoration

So What Exactly Is Roof Restoration?

Roof restoration is essentially what it sounds like, a way to restore a worn down, dirty and tired tile roof, and have it looking almost brand new. You’d be very surprised how different your house looks with a restored roof, and will be astonished at how much it’s value can increase cause of this, not to mention making the neighbors feel a bit jealous!

The roof restoration process has a few different steps involved and this ensures that even the most run down, moss covered, and aged looking roof can have new life breathed into it in just a few days. Here’s how it goes…

1 – Roof Cleaning – The first step is to thoroughly clean your roof using a high pressure hose to remove dirt, moss and stains from your tiles.
2 – Bedding & Tile Repair – Bedding is essentially a cement mortar that keeps your tiles in place and over time this can become cracked or missing which can allow water and wind to enter your roof cavity. We’ll replace and fix all of this whilst at the same time replacing or repairing any missing or broken tiles that we may find.
3 – Gutter Repairs – In some situations (not all of them but some) we may also need to clean and repair parts of your guttering, this will depend on the condition of your roof and gutters.
4 – Roof PaintingThe final step is to apply a primer, a sealer and a coat of paint to your roof tiles. Not only does this protect your roof but it also gives it a fresh and clean appearance and we can apply any colour that you like, which means you can really transform the look of your house.

The end result is that your roof looks essentially brand new and will safely protect your house and family from wind, rain and other elements.

What are the Benefits of Roof Restoration?

Getting your roof restored may seem like a big commitment but it can offer you many benefits that we can well make up for any cost or inconvenience. You also need to remember that your house will be one of your most important assets and its important to ensure that you keep it in good condition. Some common benefits of roof restoration include…

1 – Prevent Long Term Damage To Your House
As tile roofs age and get exposed to the wind, rain and sun year after year, they they can get damaged and lose their seal – tiles can become displaced, cracked, broken or even missing. The mortar between the tiles which keeps the weather out can form cracks and become displaced, which means water and wind can leak into your roof cavity.

All of this wind and water can result in rot and damage to the structure of your roof, which can cost a small fortune to repair, so being able to prevent this before it becomes an issue is the smart option, and this is what a roof restoration can do for you.

2 – Save You Money On Heating & Cooling
Old roofs that are in poor condition always have gaps and cracks that allow water and wind to leak into, and when you’re exposed to the elements like this you have cold air rushing into your house during winter and hot air during summer, meaning your energy bills have to go up to compensate. Getting your roof restored will seal the interior of your roof from the exterior, saving you a fortune in heating and cooling in the long run.

3 – Transform The Look Of Your House
A roof restoration can dramatically transform the look of your roof, and in turn your house in just a matter of days and can make an old run down house look significantly better maintained. Your roof will literally look brand new which can do wonders for your house price as well should you be considering selling soon. We can also paint your roof in a variety of colours which can greatly transform the look and feel of your place. Trust us, your neighbors will notice and no doubt be a little jealous of your new roof.

So if you’re considering a roof restoration and you’re not quite sure, or have some questions, don’t hesitate to give Roof Restoration Sunshine Coast a quick call and we can help you out and offer a free quote as well.

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