Roof Replacement Sunshine Coast

When is Roof Replacement a Good Idea?

Roof Replacement Sunshine Coast
A Roof Replacement is a big job and something that you wouldnt commit to lightly, however in some cases its your only option as the roof may be in such bad condition that there’s really no other choice and a standard roof restoration just wont cut it. Some common reasons you might considering replacing your roof include…

1 – Structural & Safety Issues
If your roof is quite old, and the struts and structure are also quite old, there might be sagging in the roof, or structural areas may have evidence or rot or damage, then it may be best to replace the entire roof, both from an aesthetic point of view and in some cases a safety point of view.

2 – You’re Ready For A Change
Quite often people are keen to change the look of their house and do so by replacing the type of roof they have. This might mean going from tile to colorbond or colorbond to mind, both of which have certain advantages and disadvantages.

3 – Energy Efficiency
As roofs get older they develop more cracks and gaps which allow wind and the weather into, and this can effect the temperature of your house. Hot air being allowed in during summer and cold air during winter, which can greatly increase your energy bills. Particularly older houses with older roofs may benefit greatly by getting a replacement roof which will safe them a lot on their heating bills over time.

What are the Benefits of a Roof Replacement or Re-Roofing?

1 – Increase Value of Property – A new roof is a sound investment that will only serve to add value to your property, should you wish to sell it in the future. It demonstrates that your building is structurally sound, and well protected from the elements. A new roof will avoid health issues of mould and damp. For people interested in buying your house, this is a huge bonus that it has had a new roof recently.

2 – Better Insulation – A new roof will have the best type of insulation (sarking paper), which will mean your energy bills may be reduced, because your house will stay the temperature you want it to be. f you want to keep heat in a new roof will help; if you want it cool and don’t want your roof to leak air from air-conditioning systems, a new roof will again help. The sarking paper reflects 95% of radiant heat, and this will reduce condensation.

3 – Safety – A damaged roof is a huge health risk. Depending on how badly damaged it is, it could collapse injuring people. If it allows water damage, then mould and damp can occur which can cause issues with people’s breathing and general health. A new roof would avoid this and keep your family and friends protected. When the tiles are removed, all the battens under the roof will be inspected too and replaced if needed.

If you think you may need a new roof and want to speak to someone, please give Roof Restoration Sunshine Coast a quick call today, we can offer you some advice and a free quote. We are also proud to offer gutter replacement along with any roof replacement projects we do.

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