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    Thank you for visiting our website! We are experienced roofers who specialise in..
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    You house is your most valuable asset and having a well maintained roof is an essential part of maintaining your home. Missing tiles, cracked tiles, loose tiles and a host of other issues can all result in water leakage and cause serious damage to your property which will cost you a small fortune and considerable time to repair.

    Not only is a well maintained roof essential to keep your house safe from water damage, but semi regular cleaning and repainting prevents a build up of moss and grime on your tiles which can damage tiles overtime and makes your roof look old and rundown.

    Choosing the right team of professionals to restore your roof can be a tough decision. Do you have peace of mind and know that your roof is safe and won’t leak during the winter because of rain, storms or snow? How do you know if the roof will be durable and long lasting? Will the restored roof be good value for money? Will it be safe and guaranteed? You don’t want any roof issues to crop up and cause damage to your property!

    Whether you need a roof restored, painted, replaced/re-roofed or your gutters replaced, we are happy to help you with your roof requirements. We take pride in the quality of work that we provide for customers, and we ensure that you’ll be entirely happy with your roof years down the line. We’re reliable and so are the roofs that we have restored or replaced. Get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to provide you with a free quote.

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    How Can Restoring Your Roof Benefit You?

    Whilst Roof Restoration, roof painting or even roof replacement might seem like a huge financial investment, there are a host of benefits that make it a worthwhile purchase for many homeowners and for some, it’s a no brainer as they’re investing in their most valuable asset, their family home. Some of the many benefits of restoring your tile roof include….

    • Preventing any water leakage from occurring which can cause rot and structural issues in your roof if not caught early.
    • Ensuring your roof tiles are in good condition, firmly in place, and will not fail you during the next wild storm.
    • Your roof will be much nicer to look at and can turn a drab, old and worn out looking home into a modern and cleaning looking one.
    • It can also save you money on your heating and cooling costs, as a roof that is not properly sealed and has out of place tiles, gaps between tiles, or cracked tiles can be allow heat to enter during summer and the cold to enter during winter.
    • Should you ever wish to sell your home in the near future a restored roof is a great way to improve the overall condition of the property and can help increase your sale price.

    Why Get Your Roof Restored By Us?

    Our team are passionate about what we do, this is our profession, this is our business, and we take pride in it, and doing an outstanding & professional job each and every time, and we want to ensure that you, the customer have an amazing experience with us.

    There are a lot of Roof Restoration and Roofing companies out there, so we know you’re spoilt for choice and need to ensure we have a high standard to earn your business. We focus on 3 core principles which include safety, a high level of customer service, and a high quality of roofing services and believe that this focus makes us one of the top roofing companies on the Sunshine Coast.

    So whether you need your existing roof restoring; replacing or re-roofing; your roof painting or your gutters replacing, you can count on us to give you a fantastic experience.

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    What Makes Us Different?


    The prices we charge for roofing work reflects the fact that we have trained experts working on your roof, using the latest tools, techniques and good practice based on experience, to provide a highly professional finish. Our prices are reasonable and fair, providing excellent value for money. If some roofing companies offer cheaper prices – do check how many years of expertise they have, and whether they can provide excellent customer references, that they work safely, and are properly insured like we are.

    Results Focused

    We want to provide you with a stunning roof – whether this is by restoring your existing one, replacing a roof, re-roofing, painting your roof, or replacing gutters. We use high quality products that are built to endure and will be resilient to weather and therefore durable, sustainable and long-lasting. We know that when you invest money into your property you want it to last for many years to come. We will ensure your roof keeps your property and belongings within safe.

    Customer Focused

    We care about our customers and want our customers to be fully satisfied with the service we provide, right from the second they contact us, through to completion of work on their roof. We would like our customers to recommend us to their neighbours, friends and family; and to be fair this is how we get much of our work, through word of mouth recommendations. We listen well to our customers and tailor our work to meet their individual needs.

    In fact we believe very much in these 3 principles that we can offer a 100% guarantee.

    Qualified Roof Restorers On The Sunshine Coast

    Roof Restoration

    Does your roof look dirty and unattractive? Is it ruining the appearance of the rest of your house? Are you missing tiles or can see that you have tiles that are cracked or broken? Is your roof fine when it’s sunny, but hazardous when it rains with leaks that come into the house? A roof can improve the appearance and value of your property as well as keeping it safe and protected from drips and leaks that can cause water and electrical damage.

    Roof Painting

    Is your roof in good sturdy condition, but the tiles on the roof look faded and old? If so, they could be refreshed and rejuvenated by having them painted. Depending on the type of paint used, this can also add a protective element to your roof too. We can paint your roof, which may prevent the growth of algae and moisture-retaining lichen and ensure the health of your roof, so it lasts a long time and is more resilient to the elements.

    Roof Replacement

    Do you need to ensure a roof is water-tight and weather-proof? Is your current roof substandard with broken or missing tiles? If just a small part of your roof has an issue it could be possible to replace part of your roof, rather than the entire thing. It is necessary however, to get an expert to do this for you, for a seamless, safe and reliable finish. Sometimes it will be necessary to replace your entire roof with a new one if your existing roof is old, buckled, shows daylight or has large areas of tiles missing, or is in a bad state of repair.

    Gutter Replacement

    Do you have broken gutters that aren’t doing their job correctly? Is water from your roof hitting your property instead of being directed away from it? This can cause long-term damage to your property. It can make any wood rot away, and damage brickwork and concrete and create damp in your property which can then be hard to tackle. Once gutters have been replaced, they should last over 20 years dependent upon material used. Gutters need installing by an expert who can direct the water flow correctly the first-time round.

    If you’re now ready to take the next step, contact the Sunshine Coast’s best roofing company now for a no obligation free quote.

    Protect Your Most Valuable Asset

    Your home is likely to be your most precious asset, and your roof is the key thing that keeps your home protected, putting a lid on all your rooms and keeping all your belongings safe. If your roof is damaged this can lead to damp and mould in your home, water-damage to books, carpets, furniture, electrics and electric equipment. It’s worth having expert roofers do the job thoroughly using their training and experience, to provide the highest quality service. The expert team at RRSC will:

    • Increase the value of your property
    • Remove and replace broken, old, damaged tiles
    • Paint roofs to give them a lovely protective finish
    • Provide free quotes on any roofing work
    • Provide an expert service
    • Give superb value for money
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    What To Look For In A Roofing Company?

    high quality customer service


    We’ll complete your roofing to a high-quality finish, using proven techniques so that it looks excellent and is long-lasting.

    roofing customer service


    We want you to be 100% satisfied with the work we carry out for you. We’d like you to be so happy that you recommend us to your family and friends.


    Excellent Materials

    We use high quality materials for roofs and gutters, which are attractive in appearance, reliable, durable, and long-lasting.



    Our team will go above and beyond to help you. We are friendly, approachable and will work hard to efficiently resolve any roofing issues so that you’re happy with the outcome. We are a team of professionals who love our job, love the outdoors and heights, and can assist you with any restoration work for a reasonable price.



    We can be relied upon to keep appointments, and work to deadlines. We work swiftly and efficiently whilst maintaining the highest levels of quality.



    If you need any assistance even after we have completed the job for you, we will always be happy to help and support you with your roof or gutter queries. Feel free to contact us at any time.


    A complete restoration of your roof is basically a way to repair, reinforce and refresh an old and rundown roof so that it looks brand new. Theres a few steps involved in this process.

    – The first step involves cleaning your roof with a high pressure hose.
    – Next we fix and repair any old, damaged or missing bedding (a cement mortar that keeps your roof tiles in place.)
    – We’ll also replace any cracked, broken or missing tiles.
    – We can also clean your roof and gutters or any debris
    – The last step is to apply a primer, a sealer and then a coat of paint.

    Depending on the size of the roof and its condition it can take between 2-4 days, you’ll also need to account for weather which can delay work.

    For most people their home is the single biggest purchase they’ll make in their lifetime, and ensuring that it is maintained properly is essential, and a roof restoration is part of this. Some simple benefits of roof restoration include greatly improving the appearance and making a tired and rundown house look cleaner and properly maintained, increasing the value of your home, addressing any minor leakage issues that may have been present, and extending the life and durability of your roof. Not only this but a restored roof looks fantastic and can really change the look, and the feel of your home.

    Roof restorations can vary widely in price, depending on the size of the roof, the type of tiles used and the condition of the roof and how much work will be required on it. It’s very hard to give a price until we’ve actually seen your roof in person, but we are happy to offer free quotes where we can provide you with more information and give you an accurate price.


    Mitchel B.

    Great job guys, very impressed with our new roof. Paul and his team were very professional and easy to deal with, would recommend to anyone.

    Jake W.

    My parents roof was an absolute mess and hadn’t been cleaned in over 40 years. TRRSC did a great job and I hardly recognise the place now, very happy.

    Tim R.

    Paul and the guys were very professional and helpful right from the get go, very pleased with the end result, couldn’t fault them at all.

    Finding The Right Company To Restore Your Roof

    At RRSC we take pride in our work and want to ensure you’re roof is treated properly. Our process to restore a roof involves several stages which include pressure cleaning (to remove moss and lichen from your roof), rebedding (removing all the old mortar from your ridge caps and replacing it with new mortar, this will help keep your roof watertight and keep drafts out – at this stage we’ll also replace any cracked or missing terracotta roof tiles), repointing (where we reinforce the ridge caps with flexible pointing, which is a mortar like compound that keeps water and wind out), valley replacements and finally roof painting (we start with a maxi primer followed by 3 coats of spray coloring sealant).

    So if your roof needs to be restored, give us a call today!

    We take our professional guidance from ARTA. If you’re doing extensive construction work on your property as well as roofing work you may need to consult your local council first.